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You Need to Know Her

February 29, 2016


Featured Nonprofit: Prajwala (c/o Ek Disha)

If you don’t know about Dr. Sunitha Krishnan and her work, you’re missing an unbelievable hero’s tale. She has been assaulted 14 times and been imprisoned. She’s had acid flung at her and been run off the road. She receives death threats as a matter of course. Why? Because Dr. Krishnan refuses to be silent about the 20 million women and children who are trafficked and tortured every year in the sex trade. Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world.


Dr. Krishnan has been a world-changer since she was a child in Bangalore, India. She taught dance to mentally challenged children at age 8. When she was 12, she was running schools for children in the slums. But her mission in life began at 15 when, while working on a literacy campaign, she was gang raped by eight men. 

She channeled her pain and anger to found Prajwala, an internationally recognized nonprofit that has rescued and rehabilitated over 15,600 survivors of sex trafficking and prevented more than 8,000 others from entering the sex trade. Prajwala’s holistic approach includes an economic rehabilitation center where survivors work in printing, welding and furniture making for local markets. Prajwala also provides schools for children of sex trade survivors to help break the cycle of prostitution. In addition, they oversee an innovative program that works with men against demand and helps law enforcement officers recognize victims of trafficking. Besides prevention, rescue and rehabilitation, Prajwala works to bring perpetrators to legal justice.


When you support Prajwala, you provide educational opportunities, housing, vocational support and recovery tools for sex trade survivors. You also help prevent children from being sold into sex slavery in the most hard-hit areas of India. At Go Jane Give, we’re proud to feature the courageous work of Dr. Krishnan and her team at Prajwala. Learn more from Dr. Krishnan’s Ted talk below and turn your talents into a fundraiser to help end child trafficking today. (Donations will be sent via Ek Disha, the U.S.-registered 501(c)(3) arm of Prajwala). 

Photos courtesy of Prajwala

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