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Doorstep Healthcare that Saves Lives

February 23, 2016

6 million children die each year before their fifth birthday, most from preventable causes. But this unthinkable tragedy is NOT inevitable. There are proven, life-saving tools that can end child mortality now. The leading causes of child death include malaria and complications from pneumonia and diarrhea. These illnesses are easily treatable in many cases, but they progress rapidly. So the challenge is detecting signs of illness and getting medications and interventions  into the right hands before it’s too late. 

That is the mission of Muso, an innovative nonprofit with highly effective strategies for meeting healthcare needs quickly in the world’s most underserved regions. Instead of passively waiting for patients to come to a hospital or clinic, Muso trains women in local communities to be Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) and supports them as they proactively seek out patients in need. The model strives to have trained personnel respond to needs within 72 hours of the first symptoms. Muso’s healthcare workers meet this response target with an impressive 97% success rate. In Mali, where child mortality rates are among the highest in the world, a recent Harvard-UCSF study documented a 10x difference in the rate of child death after the rollout of Muso’s model. 

The success of Muso’s doorstep healthcare approach is due in part to their commitment to learning in real time. They conduct rigorous population research and have built data feedback loops into their model that help them examine their design and provide better care for patients every day. They do this by analyzing data that community health workers, doctors, and other providers collect daily as they care for patients.

At Go Jane Give, we’re proud to feature the work of Muso because they are women-focused, data-driven and community-led. By turning your talents into a fundraiser for Muso, you can help them save lives, scale their model around the world and end child mortality.

Photos courtesy of Muso

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