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Live to travel? Travel to Give.

February 9, 2016


Love to travel? We’re right there with you! Medinas in Marrakech, afternoon tea in London, surfing in Bali or checking out a new market in your hometown. Your recent travels are the perfect theme for your next charity fundraiser.

When you create a Go Jane Give fundraising page, you can turn your wanderlust into a giving experience for a cause you care about. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Host a cultural night. Feature food and dress from your recent adventure. Spanish tapas with a side of flamenco dancing, anyone? How about a Tokyo-inspired sushi night? Your friends  donate an “entry fee” to your cause on your Go Jane Give fundraising page. Everyone has a great time!

Offer travel planning services. You’ve done the research and experienced the adventure. Now use your knowledge to create the perfect, hassle-free itinerary for other lucky travellers. When a donation is made, you send out an email, PDF, or video with your top travel tips.

Host a raffle. Head to the market and pick up some loot for one lucky donor. A Turkish throw from the souk, Brazilian coffee, favorite chocolates from San Francisco. Gift one lucky donor (or five!) your favorite souvenirs.

Sell your travel photos. Pick a few of your favorite images and post them on your Go Jane Give fundraising page. Donors “pay” on your fundraising page and specify which image they would like. Then you send them the image file. Easy peasy!

Offer your favorite travel books. Bundle up a few of your must-have travel reads and give them to a donor at random. The Lonely Planet that saved you in Bangkok, Julia Child’s My Life in France, or even a magazine subscription to Conde Nast Traveler. (We also love those adorable Wallpaper guides – smaller, easy to travel with, and look beautiful on a bookshelf. Bundle a few of these, featuring your favorite destinations.) A fun way to share your love of travel and give to your cause!

Plan a “Staycation.” Donate the money you would have spent on travel to your favorite charity and relax at home! Make your donation through your Go Jane Give fundraising page, and send the page to family and friends so they can donate too. Think global. Stay local this time.

What are your travel plans this year? Create a fundraiser for a cause you care about and give that adventure extra meaning.

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