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8 Tips for Foolproof Fundraising

March 1, 2016


Creating and sharing a fundraiser for your cause will be one of the best experiences you’ll have this year. Hands down. You’ll see there’s a reason we emphasize FUN in FUNdraising (and, no, we never get tired of that pun). 

So, let’s get started. There are three simple steps. Choose your causedesign a simple fundraiser to match your talents and create your fundraising page. When you create your fundraising page, don’t be afraid to speak from the heart! Here’s a page to look at if you need inspiration. 

We’ve done the research, and here some tips to ensure your fundraiser is a success.

Send your page in a personal email to friends and family at the beginning of your fundraising period and at the end.  Are you hosting a gathering or offering something to local donors? Send your page to friends and family that live out of town too. Even if they can’t participate in person, they will be thrilled to support you and your cause! Those who don’t donate in the beginning of your campaign should get another chance to donate at the end (we all forget sometimes).

Shout out thank-yous on Facebook. Say thank you publicly on Facebook and on your other social media accounts to everyone that donates on your page. The more often you shout out thank-yous, the more excitement you’ll generate. Tag your friends and keep your cause fresh on their minds.

Invite close friends and family to share your page. Ask friends and family to share your page with their friends and family. Personal invitations go a long way, and your friends and family are your best ambassadors.

Post at least one update per day about your fundraiser on Facebook and your other social media accounts. Post updates about how much you’ve raised and what you’re doing to encourage donations. Are you baking brownies? Post when they’re in the oven. Are you planning a big hike? Post about your training. Are you having a party? Post pictures of the decorations. It’s important to keep your page present on your friends’ social media feeds. Most people will need to see the page several times in order to remember to donate.

Create a deadline for your goal. When there is a specific goal for the amount of money you hope to raise and a deadline for your fundraiser, people will respond. Let people know how much you need to raise by what date. As the date gets closer, send out updates. “Only 3 days left to reach our $1000 goal!” Offer incentives for reaching the goal. (“I’ll pick up trash around the city for 2 hours on Saturday.” Or “I’ll shave my husband’s head.”)

Involve Kids. Involve your own kids, your nieces and nephews, the neighbor kids. Kids are fun and fearless, and if they’re involved in your fundraiser, people will be even more excited to donate. If you have a video or photos on your fundraising page, put the kids in them! Get the kids to help spread the word. It’s an amazing learning experience for them, and a great way to inspire even the most curmudgeonly adults to give.

Connect with Influencers. Do you have friends or family with blogs or social media followings? Ask them to share your fundraising page. Or send your page to your favorite influencers, even if you don’t know them, and ask them to share it. People are waiting for a chance to give to a great cause!

Think: Courage and Compassion! Your fundraiser will be so rewarding. But it may be a little scary to put yourself out there at first. Remember, what you’re doing will have a direct impact on real people with urgent needs. We’re not being melodramatic when we say your efforts are heroic. You are changing the world.

Ready to have some fun? Choose your cause and off you go! And let us know how we can help (hello@gojanegive.org). 

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