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November 10, 2015

Rosie 2

Rosie Collins is a Londoner. Born and raised in Leeds, Rosie moved to London to start her career in advertising and has never looked back. If you’re lucky enough to get a night out with her in the city, she’ll take you to amazing spots you never knew existed. She has a sixth sense for finding mouth-watering menus and cool cultural hang-outs. The venue will be almost as good as the conversation. When she’s not in the office or out on the town, Rosie’s keeping fit by running in Hampstead Heath or doing yoga. Or you might find her shopping for shoes. She has a bit of an addiction (and an enviable collection).  

During her 10 year career as an advertising strategist, Rosie has helped numerous companies across a variety of industries develop and grow their brands. She loves her work, but her true passion is empowering women and girls to raise their standard of living and achieve their goals. That’s why she joined the Go Jane Give community. It allows her to support her cause without disrupting her busy life. Rosie believes in the power of the “Girl Effect.” Check out her video pick below to learn more.

You can make the empowerment of women and girls your cause too by turning your talents into a fundraiser for one of these awesome charities.

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