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How to Host a Read-in With Friends —#Read4Refugees

February 10, 2017


Readers and writers are banding together to launch #Read4Refugees, a nationwide “read-in.” Instead of going out one night, they’re staying in to read and donating the money they save to support refugees.

Join the read-in here! 

You can donate and curl up at home on your own to read. But if you’re feeling social, you can host a read-in at your place. Here 8 ideas to light up your Instagram and make the evening memorable:

Send your invitation. Send the #Read4Refugees campaign page to your friends via text or email and invite them to donate and come to your place for a “read-in”. Tell them to bring 3-5 books from their shelf that they’d be willing to lend out.

Hosts and guests wear pajamas. We’re serious. Invite your guests to come in their coziest sleepwear. Everyone will love it, and it will make the night that much more memorable. If jammies aren’t your jam, we’ll settle for casual attire :).

Do a book swapGet everyone to talk about why they love the books they brought and then swap! It’s fun to do this “white elephant” style. Everyone draws a number and each successive number gets to choose whether to take a book from the pile or steal a book from someone else. You can even have the books come wrapped to heighten the suspense.

Get out your board games. Books and board games go hand-in-hand. Just ask Barnes & Noble.

Build a tent. If your friends have kiddos, adapt the evening’s activities to suit the whole family. Get out the cushions and blankets and build a reading tent where the little ones can thumb through the books by flashlight while the adults chat. You’ll win cool host of the year award for that one.

Have a “Pantry Potluck”. The aim of Read 4 Refugees is for participants to donate to refugees instead of spend. So if you’re serving food and drinks, keep it simple. Do a “Pantry Potluck” and ask guests to grab something they already have on their shelf to share. It’s fun to see what shows up from the back of your friends’ cupboards!

Pull out your blankets. Make it easy for guests to grab their reading material and curl up in a cozy spot. The best read-ins are where people can come in and out of conversation and feel at ease to read at will. If everyone brings books to share, there’ll be a lot to browse through.

Take photos and hashtag them! #Read4Refugees Let the world see your read-in! New York Times bestselling authors will be joining in and reposting hashtagged photos. Share ideas for other read-in hosts and send a message of support and compassion for refugees!

Thank you for helping build this awesome movement of readers for refugees! Enjoy your read-in!

Join the read-in here! 

All donations to #Read4Refugees go to RefugePoint, a stellar nonprofit that provides lasting solutions to the world’s most at-risk refugees. RefugePoint helps expand access to resettlement and supports urban refugees through services including healthcare, counseling, business skills training and small grants, ensuring all refugees can find safety and pathways to self-reliance, no matter where they are.

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