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Lindsey’s All-you-can-eat Waffle Party (killer recipe included)

September 1, 2016

If you’ve lived in London, you know space is a premium. Londoners edit their belongings with grace and use their living spaces creatively. Lindsey Phillips, Londoner for over a decade, doesn’t worry about square footage. She has created a big life for herself in a big city. She has learned that you don’t need a west wing or a big yard to host awesome gatherings. She has a heart of gold, a fantastic sense of humor, an inborn zest for life and a knack for making people feel special. If you get an invite to Lindsey’s place, you drop everything and go.

We caught up with Lindsey to find out about the all-you-can-eat waffle party she hosted to support the Fistula Foundation. We also scored her killer waffle recipe.

Hi Lindsey! How did come up the idea for your waffle party?

Food and socializing is one of my favorite combinations. I had been wanting to have friends over for a big get-together. When I thought about something easy, simple and delicious to cook, waffles came to mind. I could prepare all the batter and toppings in advance, and simply cook and pass out waffles while chatting with friends. It seemed like a great opportunity to support a good cause too. Friends get to eat as many waffles as they like for a donation to a cause we all feel passionate about–maternal healthcare.

Was there a lot of prep for your party? 

It was pretty low key, actually! I invited everyone online and asked them for a minimum donation in exchange for all-you-can-eat waffles. I mentioned where the donations would be going and then followed up with a link to a newspaper article in case anyone wanted to learn more about the cause.

On the actual day, I just tripled my waffle batter and set out toppings like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup. I invited about 20 friends. A friend brought an extra waffle iron so we could optimize our waffle output.

You raised money for the Fistula Foundation. How much did you collect?

I asked friends to donate $10. I wanted to make giving manageable and easy, and knew I had friends coming with different financial backgrounds. In two hours of brunching, we raised $200 for the Fistula Foundation, an organisation that provides obstetric fistula surgeries to women in the poorest countries. Next time I do the fundraiser, I will send my Go Jane Give fundraising page to everyone I know—even if they can’t make the party. I discovered later that lots of people who couldn’t attend would have loved to donate.

How did you hear about the Fistula Foundation? And what is a fistula?

I learned about obstetric fistulas in a newspaper article by Nick Kristof. A fistula is a preventable pregnancy injury caused by prolonged obstructed labor. It leaves a woman incontinent and can cause a labor that lasts up to six or seven days. Horrific. Another tragic effect of a fistula is the nearly-certain likelihood of delivering a stillborn baby. This all made me feel very sad. When I read about the Fistula Foundation, which funds fistula repair surgeries and training of surgeons to prevent fistulas in the world’s poorest countries, it gave me hope that we can change unnecessary suffering. Obstetric fistula is considered a disease of poverty, meaning it mainly occurs in women in poor countries who don’t have health resources. This type of pregnancy injury is preventable, and yet for so many women, it ruins their lives. The Fistula Foundation works hard to reverse this.


How did your friends react to the waffle party and donating to your cause?

They were enthusiastic about both! The waffle recipe was popular, so I emailed it out after the party. They were also very supportive about the cause and donating. A few thanked me for getting them involved in the cause. Several friends asked me about fistulas and the foundation. It was rewarding to not only raise money, but also to raise awareness about this issue.

What about on social media? Did you get a reaction there?

Of course! I posted a photo from the waffle party on my Instagram and received so many encouraging and supportive comments. I wished I had invited more people to be part of this giving experience! Next time, I’ll invite all friends to donate no matter where they live. The Go Jane Give fundraising page is perfect for collecting donations from friends near and far.

Would you host a similar party again?

Without a doubt. It was the same kind of social gathering I would normally do, except this time I raised money and awareness for a cause I really care about.

Thanks, Lindsey! Hungry to help? Turn your talents into a fundraiser for a cause you care about. You’ll find Lindsey’s delicious waffle recipe below.

Photos by Kjrsten Madsen

Light and Fluffy Waffles


2 cups flour

2 cups milk

4 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

4 eggs, separated

1 cup melted margarine


1. Start heating waffle iron.

2. Sift flour, baking powder and salt.

3. Combine milk and egg yolks.

4. Beat egg whites until stiff.

5. Add milk and egg yolk mixture to dry ingredients.

6. Beat at high speed until ingredients are moistened.

7. Stir in slightly cooled margarine.

8. Fold in egg whites, leaving little peaks showing in the batter.

9. Pour in waffle iron.

10. Top with extra butter and desired toppings (berries, whipped cream and maple syrup are my favorites).


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