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The Joy of Food (and Giving)

May 20, 2016

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You’ve waited in line for a cronut. You only buy bread from the local bakery. You’ve got a fridge stocked with seasonal fruits and veg. If that’s you, you’re a foodie.

And it’s time to turn your passion for the delectable into a delicious fundraiser. Make and eat your favorite foodie-licious delights and raise funds for a cause you love. Our top picks for mouth-watering fundraisers are:

Get your friends together. Dinner party. Pancakes on Saturday. Barbecue in the park. Dessert night. Potluck. Tea Party. Taco Tuesday. Send your fundraising page to your friends so they can donate to your cause for an excuse to hang out and munch.

Offer to deliver your most coveted foodie anything. Authentic pasta, freezer meals, salted-chocolate truffles, peanut butter ice cream. When friends and family make a donation on your page, they earn the chance to win a delivery of your famous food (or your famous recipe if they live out of town).

Host a local food tour. When friends and family make a donation on your fundraising page, you guide them through your city’s finest culinary delights. Chocolate tasting, wine and cheese pairing, sushi sampling. You know, the good best stuff.

Replicate your favorite food show at home. What will it be? The Cupcake Wars, Top Chef or The Great British Bake-off. Contestants, judges and viewers make a donation on your page to join the fun.

Offer donors a “Top 10” list. As a thank-you to friends who donate on your fundraising page, offer a list of your favorites: recipes, restaurants, food-inspired parties, know-how culinary tips and tricks.

Host a cooking class. Teach your friends the art of making macarons, enlist an expert to demonstrate grilling techniques, or practice the basics of bread-making. Guests donate to your cause and RSVP through your fundraising page.

Alright, hungry now? Channel your culinary prowess into a way to give. Share the joy of delicious food and giving with your friends and family. Create your fundraiser today!

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