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Breathe New Life Into Your Fitness Routine

April 5, 2017


How do you keep fit? Run? Swim laps? Take the stairs? Mixed Martial Arts? Whatever you do, chances are it can get tedious. 

Let’s be honest, some days just finding that sports bra in the laundry pile feels like a workout. If you’re looking for a way to breathe new life into your fitness routine, why not make exercise about more than just heart rates and love handles? Choose a cause you care about and turn fitness into a fundraiser. When you create a Go Jane Give fundraising page donations go straight to the charity of your choice. You’ll find extra motivation for that last lap when you’re doing it for your cause. Here are some ideas for fitness FUNdraisers (emphasis on FUN…nope, we never get tired of that pun):

Set a fitness goal and ask friends and family to donate in support: Swim 50 laps. Do 20 pushups every day for a month. Hike the highest mountain in your area. Commit to 75 days of running. Walk to work all summer. Create a Go Jane Give fundraising page to collect donations in support of your cause and get your friends to join you!

Organize a mini-class, fitness group or lessons for donors: Can you coach kids’ tennis? Do you know a great pilates routine? How about putting together a Wednesday night running group? Get your neighbors and friends to donate to your cause and share your enthusiasm for fitness in return. Even if friends can’t participate, they’ll be happy to donate to your cause. Send your Go Jane Give fundraising page to everyone!

Host an athletic event: Saturday morning soccer tournament? Scooter and bike races at the park? A frisbee-throwing contest? A mini-Olympics for the kids? Get your family and friends involved and give them a chance to compete for a great cause.

Enter a race: Look for a triathlon, a 5K or a walk in your area (or, even better, plan to enter one in a vacation destination!) and create a your fundraising page to collect donations in support of your cause.

Trust us. When you exercise for a cause, you’ll be able to dig deeper, go farther and have more fun. Have you done a fitness fundraiser? We’d love to hear your ideas! #gojanegive 

Explore ways to give that match your talents and create your fundraiser today!

Photos by Kjrsten Madsen

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