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Ally’s Book Party

May 25, 2016



Ally Condie is mom to four great kids and author of a dozen books for kids and teens.

She earned her well-deserved New York Times bestseller spots by writing page-turners that ask big questions about humanity. Loved around the world, Ally’s work has been published in 30 languages. These days she is busy parenting, writing her next novel and completing an MFA in Creative Writing.

With so much on her plate, Ally finds creative ways to integrate the causes she cares about into the things she’s already doing. She turned the launch party for her latest book, Summerlost, into a fundraiser to support girls’ education in Africa.




Ally teamed up with friends at Kneaders, a favorite local bakery, who provided book-themed treats for the party. Guests donated what they could in a jar and helped themselves to candy and cookies. Ally  added these donations to her Go Jane Give fundraising page and sent it to family, friends and fans who couldn’t attend the party so they could donate too.




Ally said, “My kids were so excited to help hand out the treats and take the money, and it was a fun way for the reading community to raise money together.”




We love how Ally shared her big night with her cause and gave people near and far a way to make a difference while they celebrated. Way to Go, Ally! Create your Go Jane Give fundraising page and turn your next celebration or one of your talents into a giving experience. And if you haven’t read Ally Condie’s work, run (don’t walk) to the bookstore. You’re in for a treat!

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