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Are You a Maker?

April 3, 2017


Do you love the gentle hum of your sewing machine at work? The smell of acrylic paint? The warm fuzzy feeling of felt between your fingertips? Is your kitchen table covered with little wooden dowels? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re a maker. And we love makers. 

Did you know you can turn those ever-churning creative juices into a way to change the world? There are limitless ways to craft or build for a cause you care about when you create a Go Jane Give fundraising page. Here are a few of our favorites:

Offer to make your favorite craft for donors: When friends and family donate to your cause, give them a chance to win one of your specialties: A handmade scrapbook. A box of homemade Halloween decorations. A bespoke picture frame. Friends and relatives will be thrilled to donate for a chance to win something you’ve made (or something your kids have made). You can create “Tiers of Giving”: if someone donates above a certain amount, they receive a certain item. Or just pick random donors to receive the items. Or make a craft item for everyone that donates. It’s up to you! You can specify on your fundraising page.

Host a “Crafternoon”: Choose a project you love and teach it to your friends or their kids. Participants donate their “entry fee” to your cause on your Go Jane Give fundraising page. Even if friends live far away, they can be there in spirit and still support your cause. Share your page with everyone!

Post a tutorial: As a thank-you to donors who support your cause, share a written or video tutorial of a craft project. You can post videos on your Go Jane Give fundraising page. It’s a super fun incentive!

Give away maker kits: Assemble the necessary items and instructions for your favorite craft and offer them to a few lucky people who donate to your cause. Maker kits are a great way for beginners to get their feet wet.

Sell or auction your wares: Put a price tag on your hand-made items or get donors bidding. Highest donor gets the item. Donors can “pay” for the item when they donate. You can load multiple photos to your Go Jane Give page to show the available items.

What are you making these days? Got other talents to share? We’d love to see! #gojanegive Choose a cause you care about and turn your skills into a fundraiser today.  

Photo by Kjrsten Madsen

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