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November 10, 2015


Amy is always up for a long chat or a weekend adventure. 

She sets her mind to purposeful goals and then quietly goes about moving huge mountains in small steps. Her latest venture is Tüb, a social impact business that upcycles bike tubes into the coolest accessories you’ve ever seen. Amy is mom to three lively boys who are always involved in her giving experiences. We caught up with Amy to hear about her recent snow cone sale to benefit earthquake victims in Nepal. Meet the amazing Amy.

“Just after the earthquakes in Nepal, my sons Liam and Heath and I were talking about how we could help. I had read the news of how the people were so scared of the aftershocks that no one was returning home, though it was nearing their rainy season. I felt so worried for them! Apa Sherpa, a Nepalese man who lives in our town is famous for having climbed Mount Everest more times than any other person. He and his family run a nonprofit that builds schools in rural areas of Nepal. We decided to donate our money to his organization in hopes that more schools will be built/rebuilt for kids.”

“I rented an industrial snow cone machine and bought cups, syrup and ice from a catering company nearby. Once I set my energy on this project it was quite simple. After a few phone calls to locate the supplies, everything came together in only a day. I took my boys over to a neighbor’s house whose yard backed up to the spot where we wanted to set up our stand. The boys asked the neighbor if we could use his power and we would pay him for it. He told us he would run an extension cord from his house and throw it over the fence for us. That would be his contribution.”

“We decided to do the snow cone sale for two days so that people could see us and bring money for the next day. My boys invited their friends to help. We ended up with lots of helpers! We all met at our house a few days before the sale and made signs, and I bought balloons. On the day of the sale the forecast was for !rain! This was in the spring so it was going to be cold also! Ug, not much draw for snow cones in the cold. After debating, we went ahead with the sale anyway, and HOORAY! the rain actually held off the entire time! 

Some kids helped scoop ice into the cups. Other kids ran around yelling and holding up signs. The rest of the kids rotated so everyone got to pour the syrup and take money. This kept the line moving quickly. We set up near the elementary school exit to be easily seen by the walking crowd (the school wouldn’t let us set up on school grounds, unfortunately).”

“We sold each snow cone for $.50 and many people over paid, insisting that we keep the change for our cause. After the sale several people who missed it told us they wished they had known–they would have loved to donate. Next time I’ll send my Go Jane Give page to more friends. People are just waiting for the chance to give!”

Thanks, Amy! Want to have your own giving experience? Create a your page and turn your talents into a fundraiser for a cause you care about. We’d love to see what you’re doing! #gojanegive

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