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Alex’s Summer Water Party

August 20, 2016



When Alex, a history teacher and mom of three, learned about the refugee crisis, she felt inspired to do something.

“The current refugee crisis breaks my heart,” she said. “I can’t even begin to imagine what these people are experiencing.”

Alex knew right away that she wanted to host a family-friendly fundraiser to support refugees. She organized a backyard Summer Water Party, posted her Go Jane Give fundraising page on Facebook, and raised $600 for Refuge Point, a nonprofit that supports the world’s most vulnerable refugees. We chatted with Alex about her party and her top tips for fundraising.

summer party2
Hi Alex! Tell us about your Summer Water Party.

I have three young boys, so I wanted to organize a fundraiser that included children. Since it was summer, I thought a backyard water party for the little ones would be perfect. I’m always looking for activities to do with my kids, and I know it’s the same for my friends. I figured it would be an easy way to give to an important cause while also getting to do something fun for my kids and their friends. We also recently bought a snow cone machine and are always looking for an excuse to get it out.

How did the kids react to the fundraiser?

It was a big hit with the kids. In fact, my oldest son still talks about it and says he wants to do it again! In addition to the snow cones, we also had an inflatable water slide, which I was able to rent at a discounted price after I told the company about my fundraiser to support refugees. The kids loved it! And all the moms had a great time visiting, enjoying their snow cones and contributing to Refuge Point.

Why did you choose your cause?

I had read articles and talks about the refugee crisis and I felt inspired to do something. I realized that with Go Jane Give, I could support refugees even in my current circumstances as a busy mom of 3. Rather than thinking the refugee crisis is really sad and moving on with my life, I could act.

What was most rewarding about your fundraiser?

I was touched by the amount of support and the generous donations that people gave. I asked for a $5 donation per child and most families donated $20 or more, even if they had just one child attending. I started with a goal of $200, and we were able to raise $600! It was so awesome! I posted the fundraising page link to my social media feeds, and the majority of donations I received were from people who lived too far away to attend. I was touched that they could see the importance of this cause and wanted to help.


Do you have any tips for someone planning a fundraiser?

Share it on social media…. several times! Even if you are nervous (like I was)—go for it! It will be more than worth it. I learned that people are looking for ways to contribute to great causes, but aren’t sure where or how to do so. I felt like my fundraiser gave them that opportunity. The response from sharing it on my social media feeds was overwhelmingly positive.

Thanks for sharing your Summer Water Party with us, Alex! Ready to host your family-friendly fundraiser? 

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