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Our story is simple.

Meet our team. Like you, we’re busy. Really busy. So we came together to create a way for all women to support causes we care about without disrupting the delicate balance of our daily lives. It turned out to be so much fun. Read our founder’s story.

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You belong with us.

You don’t have to host a celebrity gala or deliver medical supplies to Botswana to make a difference. You can turn your talents and interests into simple fundraisers for causes that matter. We’re here to help. Go Jane Give is a nonprofit charitable organization that hosts a global community of women. We’re changing the world by being ourselves. Join us!

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Changing the world made doable.

It’s easy to turn your talents and interests into a fundraiser for a cause you care about. We call this Lifestyle Giving. Using our platform you can create and share a fundraising page where family and friends can donate directly to your charity of choice. Don’t have a charity in mind? We’ve curated a set of highly-effective nonprofits solving the world’s most urgent problems. Don’t know what to do to fundraise? We have a simple tool to help you find ways to fundraise that match your unique interests. So go ahead! Create your giving experience today!

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