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6 Ways to Change the World Without Leaving Your Couch

September 1, 2016

Yeah, you heard that right. You’re going to change the world without leaving your couch.

After a long day, it’s no use fighting it. Surrender to the warm embrace of the armrest. Kick off your shoes. Tuck those throw pillows under your head and stretch your legs. If a little drool slips out of your mouth onto the cushion, we won’t tell.

While you’re there, pull out your tablet and do some serious good in the world. It takes less than a minute to create a Go Jane Give fundraising page for a cause you care about. Once you do, you can make your sofa your charitable giving headquarters. Here are some ideas:

Organize a movie-night in: Get your friends and colleagues to stay in on a Saturday night and watch a movie instead of going out. They can come to your place or stay at their own. Everyone donates the dinner-and-a-movie-out funds they would have spent to the cause of your choice. Use your Go Jane Give fundraising page to collect donations and share your favorite movie picks. Pop some popcorn and get a social media discussion (argument?) going about the greatest action movie ever, best on-camera kiss, French films to remember, must-see classics.

Take on an “armchair” challenge: Read 100 books. Solve a Rubik’s Cube 10 times. Learn matrix algebra. Memorize the “A” section of Webster’s Unabridged. When you set up a fundraising page for the charity of your choice, friends can support your challenge by donating. Offer to do something really tough (but couch-worthy) if you reach your fundraising goal.

Host “Shop My House”: When friends donate to your cause they get to choose an item from your house to keep. You sit on the couch and exercise veto power while they “shop.”

Curate a list: Do you have a knack for sniffing out great finds online? Put together a must-have list of the best reads on the web, the best restaurants in your state, the best weeknight dinner recipes, the best jokes, the best fitness tips, the best celebrity outtakes, the best classic mixtape songs. Create a fundraising page for your cause and offer donors your “A-List” as a thank you.

Do a Handicraft: Knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, hand-sewing, needle point, drawing, calligraphy. Make something (or lots of somethings) and offer them as incentives to 1 or 5 or 20 lucky friends who donate to your cause. You can upload photos of your work to your Go Jane Give fundraising page.

Host a Twitter Chat: When friends donate to your chosen charity on your fundraising page, they win entry to a Twitter chat. You’re the host. Do you have professional advice you can share? Expert knowledge on a hot topic? How about donors win the chance to ask you any question they want—no matter how embarrassing the answer? A little Truth or Dare on Twitter? Watch the donations come rolling in.

Now, there. You see? You can change the world without leaving your couch. So snuggle into that perfect spot (you know, the one with the permanent indentation from your backside?) and create your fundraiser today.

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